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Ruffles On Top of Ruffles!

Remember that pair of coloured Zara heels I posted on Facebook a while back? Well I wanted a nice red dress to go with them for Showers at Cafe del Mar. I immediately went a hunt to find the perfect red dress, a mission which remains unaccomplished to date, thus I had to find an alternative outfit.

With ruffles being big this season, I thought of opting for something fun to pair the shoes with; consequently, as soon as I came across this top and skirt from Zara I knew they were what I was looking for! I just love how red and blue go well together and the ruffles really did make a statement; as for the shoes, I think they tied in well with the outfit and lent it even more colour!

Top,skirt and shoes, Zara | Bag, Aliexpress
Cuff, Debenhams | Earrings, ALDO | Sunglasses, & Other Stories

The party couldn't come any faster for I was really excited to wear this outfit. I finished it off with a pair of small stud earrings from ALDO, a cut-out cuff from Debenhams and this gorgeous bag which you wouldn't believe is from Aliexpress! Actually, a seller had sent the bag to me to do a review on the Aliexpress website and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of this bag. Scroll down for more pictures of the bag after the outfit shots :)

The bag is from a called PMSIX and they really do have some nice designs if you want to check them out :) Mine has a ton of compartments which means I can skip carrying a wallet and I can easily find whatever I would be looking for at a any given time. It also comes with a long chain to wear it as a cross-body bag, a small leather strap to wear it as a wristlet and I can omit attaching the chain and strap altogether and carry it as a clutch! What's more? The embroidery is just perfect and I love the little tassel detail too :)

Showers is a luxury party presented by Remax at and for the fifth year running, the event was sold out. It was held at Cafe del Mar in Qawra under the organisation of Events By Martin, with the help of numerous sponsors who make sure guests are entertained and kept in a jovial mood all throughout. There were international and local dee-jays playing summer tunes during the whole of the afternoon/evening and the place was decorated as if it were a unicorn playing field!

We had a really great time and me and my friend even got some glitter makeup applied! This was my first year attending Showers and it most definitely won't be the last!

Art Exhibition and Pop-Up Shop by JAD and Ro Art Ceramics

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of visiting a jewellery and ceramic art exhibition hosted by Gioia Clavenzani from JAD (Jewellery Art Design) and Robbie Mazzaro from Ro Art Ceramics at the Auberge de France in Vittoriosa.

I was immediately greeted by Gioia and Robbie who walked me through their works and gave me an in-depth explanation on the methods and materials they use to make their incredible creations.

JAD Jewellery Art Design

JAD is the brain-child of Gioia Clavenzani and Ivano Ghianelli who share a common love for jewellery, design and contemporary art. Gioia is a psychologist by profession while Ivano is a goldsmith. They opened their first studio in a small, quiet town between Umbria and Tuscany in 2011 and continued to focus of creating beautiful jewellery pieces when they moved to Malta in 2015.

JAD is home to very unique, creative jewellery pieces that are easy to wear and incorporate with different outfits. The pieces are mainly inspired by the Maltese Islands with a strong presence of the materials they are crafted from. The pieces also exhibit touches of contemporary art and Italian design using old, traditional, artisan methods and tools.

The more contemporary pieces are mostly inspired by other artists' work such as this gorgeous piece which is inspired by the work of Spanish artist Augustin Ibarrola and this unique piece inspired by the works of Japanese sculptor Kengiro Azuma.

Left: JAD Jewellery
Top Right: Augustin Ibarrola | Bottom, one of the artist's many works (latter two pictures from Google)

L to R: JAD Jewellery | Kengiro Azuma posing with one of his works | The sculpture that inspired the jewellery creation
(latter two pictures from Google)

Recently, JAD created a jewellery collection especially for Rosita Silk Sense for her fashion show during the final night of Miss World Malta. The concept of this collection revolves around three aspects - geometry, the Mediterranean and the ancient Japanese art of Shibori which Rosita uses to paint patterns on her silk creations.

JAD at Miss World Malta 2017 for Rosita Silk Sense
models' photos by Mario Galea Photography

When asked which materials are her favourite to work with, Gioia answered 'silver' without hesitation
as it allows for a better work experience and is less costly than gold. She goes on to say that she also likes working with metal wire and precious stones other than the classical ones, such as rutilated quartz and tourmaline which are, again, less costly.

An array of necklaces executed through different techniques

More examples of exquisite jewellery by JAD.
The middle piece features rutilated quartz - no two stones look alike, hence each piece is unique!

JAD also produce some colourful pieces such as cotton and silver neckalces and other metal wire pieces such as the ones in the photos below.

I think JAD makes some very beautiful jewellery which appeals to my style and I predict it won't be long until I add a piece or two to my own collection!

Ro Art Ceramics

The other artist exhibiting her work with JAD's is Robbie Mazzaro from Ro Art Ceramics. Robbie is originally from Venezuela, has spent most of her life in Italy and moved to Malta four years ago. She started making ceramic art after she attended a masterclass in Rome in 2012. Robbie is widely inspired by nature which is easy to see in her work. She is fascinated by the complex and beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark, seed pods, corals and shells. Robbie emphasizes that she loves contrast, such as the rough texture, colour of the clay and the glossy colors and often maintain the clay's original colours and textures to represent this natural form within her work. 

'A Drop in The Rough Sea' is one of mt favourite creations from Ro Art Ceramics

She also states that she doesn't like very precise work and makes sure none of her pieces look exactly the same. I think my favourite collection from her is the Sea Breeze collection which mainly features ceramic bowls.

Robbie makes small works of art intended for decorative purposes as well as bigger decorations. She doesn't use the conventional pottery wheel but reverts to coils to create her impressive works which would look good in any house! She also likes to incorporate ropes in her designs and of course experiments with different techniques such as molten glass.

Volcano Bowl on top, Sea Breeze Bowl at the bottom - two excellent examples of coil pottery

The use of ropes in some of Robbie's designs

An example of the use of molten glass and ceramic



The exhibition will be open until the 22nd of July at the Auberge de France in Triq Hilda Tabone, Vittoriosa. Opening times are Tues - Thurs from 10am till 5pm ; Fri - Sat from 10am till 7pm

#TurnOnTheNight with 3INA UV Collection Limited Edition

Summer is the time for festivals and makeup aficionados tend to let their creativity run wild with fun, festival looks. 3INA have just launched a new collection just in time for the various summer concerts and activities; the UV Collection, which comprises products that are subtle enough to wear during the day and turn the night on when exposed to UV light!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few of the items from the collection:
- The Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow 402 (€10.95)
- The Fluoro Eye Pencil (€8.95)
- The Fluoro Lip Gloss 201 (€9.95)
- The Fluoro Palette (€13.95)

The packaging for this collection is to die for! Bright, bold colours that truly embodies the idea behind the collection. The only thing I am 'disappointed' in with 3INA limited editions is that the actual products have the same packaging as that for the regular products. I think it would be a nice touch if the limited edition products come with limited edition design packaging as well.

The star product from this collection is most definitely that blush palette - look at that bright leopard print motif! It's almost too pretty to use. Almost. Of course I have taken some pictures of it before swirling my brush into the compact to mix the colours together to get this beautiful flushed pink shade which gives a healthy, youthful glow.

Next is the collect eye pencil I have ever seen! It may look like a regular black eye pencil but under UV light, this turns into a beautiful blue shade. The cream eyeshadow is the one product you have to be very careful with; while the colour is buildable, the texture is so creamy, you have to be careful when dipping your brush in it just because it is so soft. The lipgloss is pretty straightforward to apply with it's doe foot applicator. It looks transparent with just a hint of orange during the day but, turn the UV on and it glows!

Here is a look I created using these products with pictures taken in normal light as well as under UV light.

How cool is this collection?! There are also some nail polishes to complement the makeup and there are 2 more cream eyeshadow and lipgloss colours as well. Discover the collection in 3INA stores in The Point, Qormi, PAMA, Mosta and now also in Valletta at Energy Complex (New Look).

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Review | LIERAC Dioptifatigue Energising Gel

One of my main skin care concerns is dark under eye circles and signs of fatigue under my eyes, something I not happy about. Consequently I have been looking for a good eye product for quite some time now before I settled on Lierac Dioptifatigue Energising Gel.

The Lierac Diopti range is comprised of 5 different prodcts, each targeting a specific problem related to the sensitive area around the eyes. I found Dioptifatigue is the best fit to address my concerns and I have been using it day and night for the past month or so.

It comes in the sleekest of tubes and holds 10ml of product. Although this may seem like a small amount of product, all you really need is the tiniest bit of product to apply around the eye contour, thus I am sure the product will last for quite some time.

The gel-balm is off-white in colour and doesn't take much effort to be absorbed into the skin without a trace. Like I said, I have been using the product twice daily ever since I got it and I have noticed a significant difference in the way my eye area looks - I don't need to use as much concealer as I used to as it reduces signs of fatigue and has brightened my under eye area too! All this thanks to the principle of active phytocosmetics which is employed in all Lierac products. This simply translates to using plant extracts as active ingredients in cosmetic products. In fact, apart from double hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, Dioptifatigue also contains Butcher's broom and pure caffeine extracts to exert its actions.

At €19.45 for a product that delivers and will last, I highly recommend Lierac Dioptfatigue to anyone who has similar skin concerns as me. Lierac products are available in select pharmacies throughout Malta and Gozo. 

Keeping our skin protected in the sun... and after with La Roche Posay

The temperatures are soaring again next weekend here in Malta for the second heatwave in as many weeks in a row. We all know the drill by now; keep hydrated, wear light, protective clothing, avoid the sun in its peak hours, etc but of course, few of us can resist our beautiful beaches and taking a dip in the crystal clear waters, and this is where La Roche Posay comes in.

One of my favourite sun protection products, Anthelios XL Non-Perfumed Dry Touch Gel Cream SPF50+ has been re-formulated and I happy to see they have maintained the dry touch formula still. I love using this product on my face mostly as it is specifically targeted towards protecting oily skin as well as sun intolerant and the most sensitive of skin types.

It is anti-shine, thanks to the Airlicium Technology which absorbs up to 100x its weight in water and controls all sources of sebum and sweat for up to 9 hours, which is why my boyfriend loves it so much and asks for it specifically when we are the beach. Also, the pump dispenser is ace for controlling the amount of product you want on a relatively small area of the body. Although the product is meant more for use on the face, I also like to use it on the rest of my body because the formula is water resistant and is absorbed almost immediately and leaves no white streaks!

My absolute favourite innovation from La Roche Posay this year, is Posthelios Anti-oxydant Hydra Gel - an after sun gel that is 76% La Roche Posay thermal water!

Of course, this is meant to be used after a shower or bath to instantly soothe your skin following exposure to the sun. It still contains Aloe Vera which is well known for its soothing properties but being it is mostly thermal water, this after sun is winner as it doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky! I like to put mine in the fridge for an extra cooling treat ;) An after sun gel or lotion is essential for cooling down the skin and to prevent any nasty peeling so do not forget to treat your skin to it :) Moreover, Posthelios is rich in anti-oxidants for effective free-radical neutralisation and thus, further protecting your skin. La Roche Posay's Posthelios comes in a conveniently sized 200ml tube.

A yellow warning for high temperatures has been issued ahead of this weekend's sky high temperatures so do be careful when out in the sun, and stay protected with La Roche Posay!

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